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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet differences: which one to get

Pokemon scarlet and violet differences are very punctual. With two games, players may be wondering which version they should get. This article will examine both games and help you decide which is right for you.

Pokemon games have been a beloved part of the gaming world for over two decades—captivating players with their unique blend of adventure, strategy, and collection mechanics. 

Both Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have similar gameplay mechanics. They are both turn-based RPGs where players catch and train Pokemon to defeat other trainers and complete their Pokedex. However, some differences set them apart.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Lore

Both games take place in the Paldea Region. Fun fact, the developers took inspiration from the Iberian Peninsula, a part of Europe that compromises Spain and Portugal.

We all know Professor Oak from Pokemon Red and Blue, or Rowan, who we met in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. They are symbolic characters who accompany us regardless of our chosen version.

Well, this aspect changes completely in these new installments of the franchise. Depending on the version, you'll get Professor Sada or Professor Turo.

Professor Sada is a female character with primal-inspired attire, and Professor Turo is a male character dressed as a futuristic scientist. Besides their obvious physical (and biological) differences, whoever you get won't affect the storyline or plot.

Your character is a new student who has just moved to enroll in the academy. What academy? Well, that depends on the version.

Pokemon Scarlet has the Naranja Academy, while Pokemon Violet has the Uva Academy. Likewise, this will change part of the aesthetic of the students and your character, as well as their uniform, which you cannot change.

In the Uva Academy, the violet color predominates, while in the Orange Academy, there's a display of orange everywhere.

However, the plot and the storyline remain the same, just aesthetic differences.

Legendary pokemon: Koraidon and Miraidon

Like in every other Pokemon series, each game has an exclusive legendary. In Pokemon Scarlet, we get Koraidon; in Pokemon Violet, we have Miraidon. You will find any of them at the beginning of the game, and from that moment on, they will serve as your transportation through land, air, and sea.

Starting with looks, both Pokemon are dragons, and their shapes resemble a motorcycle. However, they're not set apart only because of their physical differences. While Miraidon's color is violet, Koraidon's is scarlet.

Miraidon is a Dragon/Electric combination type, and Koraidon is Dragon/Fight. Their types affect their stats, so let's also establish the differences in their base stats.

As Koraidon is a fight-type pokemon, his attack is considerably higher. It has 135 attack points compared to Miraidon's 85. Koraidon also has a higher defense with 115 points, while Miraidon stays with 100.

However, remember that Miraidon is an electric type; therefore, his special attack will be way higher than with 135 points, compared to Koraidon's 85. Likewise, the special defense is also higher. While Koraidon has 100 points, Miraidon has 115 points in special defense.

Their health points stay the same at 100 points, and their speed at 135 points each.

Pokemon paradox:

This new franchise series introduces a new term: paradox pokemon. If we get in too deep with this section, there might be a lot of spoilers, so long story short, the scarlet version resembles the past, while Violet the future.

Pokemon Paradox is ancient or future forms of modern-day Pokemon. Let's say elephants today don't look like their past versions or look like they will look in the future. 

In Pokemon Violet, you get the exclusive pokemon paradox from the future, and in Pokemon Scarlet, the versions from the past. Each with a unique set of characteristics.

Version-exclusive Pokemon

One of the key features of the Pokemon franchise is the variety of Pokemon and items available in each game. The franchise has been doing this from the beginning to encourage trading, and Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet weren't going to be an exception. Both games have 9 exclusive pokemon that you can only find in each.

Pokemon Scarlet exclusives include:

  • Armarouge 
  • Taurus (blaze breed)
  • Lavitar, who evolves into Pupitar, and finally Tyranitar
  • Stonjouner
  • Drifloom, who evolves into Drifblim
  • Oranguru
  • Stunky, who evolves into Stunkank
  • Skrelp, who evolver to Dragalge
  • Deino, who evolves to Zweilous and finally Hydreigon

On the other hand, Pokemon Violet exclusives include:

  • Ceruledge
  • Taurus (aqua breed)
  • Bagon, who evolves into Shelgon, and finally Salamance
  • Misdreavus, who evolver to Mismagius
  • Eiscue
  • Passimian
  • Gulpin, who evolves into Swalot
  • Clauncher, who evolver to Clawitzer
  • Dreepy, who evolves to Drakloak, and finally Dragapult

While both games have unique Pokemon and items, players can still trade with other players or transfer their Pokemon between games to complete their Pokedex and strengthen their teams.

Charcadet evolutions: Armarouge & Ceruledge

Charcadet is a new pokemon introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. It is a fire-type pokemon born from remains of coal consumed by the flames. When fighting, the powerful flames in its body reach 1000 ºC.

In each version of the game, there's a way to evolve Charcadet by obtaining the Auspicious Armour (Pokemon Scarlet) or the Malicious Armour (Pokemon Violet). Depending on the object, you'll get either Aramrouge or Ceruledge.

We won't spoil you on how to get them; however, we don't harm anyone by telling you that there's a book called Charcadet's Adventure on a bookshelf on Entrance Hall's third floor. You can find some clues in that book.

A knight shape inspires both evolutions, but while scarlet exclusive pokémon Armarouge is a fire warrior pokemon with red fire flames, Violet's exclusive, Ciruledge, is a fire blade Pokemon with blue fire flames. 

Aside from its looks, Armarouge is a Fire-Phsychic pokemon, while Ciruledge is a Fire-Ghost pokemon.

So, Which One Should You Get?

This year, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are among the best Nintendo Switch games. If you want a whole new experience of the traditional Pokemon games with a new RPG mode, bigger maps, and new mission systems, wait no more. 

You need to get one of these versions ASAP!

But which one should you get?

Ultimately, the decision between the two games will come down to your preferences regarding which exclusive Pokemon you like best or aesthetics… some may prefer the color violet, while others want orange best.

We hope we provided you with enough information to make the best decision for your preferences, but whichever you get, you'll have a blast playing these new series!

Where Can You Get Them?

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