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Minecraft guide to survival: how to thrive in the wilderness

Minecraft is a game about building, exploring, and survival. As you start, you'll need to learn how to farm for food and materials, craft armor and weapons, and build a house that can protect you from monsters — both in the world of Minecraft itself and from other players. 

In this Minecraft Guide to Survival, you’ll get info and tips from the experts to find resources, craft equipment, or exploring. Learn how to survive and thrive with this guide to exploration, and start your journey into this fantastic world!

Minecraft is an open world filled with opportunity.

Minecraft is a great video game, and it can be used as a hobby or even as a way to socialize. In the game, you drop into the middle of nowhere with only your bare hands and your wits to help you survive in this harsh environment.

As soon as you begin to play Minecraft, you will be drawn in by its creativity. There are endless possibilities to create anything! From castles to forests and all the way down to the smallest detail.

Understanding the importance of exploring

Exploration is the key to survival. You need to explore to find new resources, biomes, and ores. 

There are many places in Minecraft that you can only reach by exploring. For example:

  • In the Overworld, some ravines lead deep underground with cave systems full of resources like coal or iron ore.

  • In the Nether, there are nether fortresses with chests containing lots of loot! (You'll need a diamond pickaxe, though)

However, exploring is an activity that can take time and when the night comes, the monsters come out of their hidings. When exploring, you need to create a shelter that you can run to if you see yourself in trouble. It doesn’t have to be the greatest construction someone ever built, but something practical where you have a few weapons, food or potions… or even a bed so you can sleep till the monsters go away as the sun rises.

Learn how to farm.

To start, you must plant seeds in the dirt. Place them on the ground, and use a hoe to till them into the soil. To till the entire region around your crops, hold down the left mouse button after clicking once. 

Once you've tilled it all up, go ahead and plant your seeds. You can also use this method with trees to grow wood for building or tools like axes or pickaxes. 

You will need saplings found throughout various biomes, such as forests or swamps. Place one down near where you want it planted, then use your ax/pickaxe until it breaks into four blocks. Ensure these don't get lost because they're valuable later on!

Enchant everything you own

Enchanting is a way to give your items bonuses. For example, you can enchant a sword to deal extra damage or make it so that the enchantment lasts longer. Enchanting is done at an enchanting table, which requires 3 blocks of obsidian (blocks of black glass), 3 bookshelves, and a chest to craft.

Make friends with animals.

Animals are an excellent resource for survivalists. They can help you find food, fight monsters, and provide companionship and other useful benefits.

In this section, we'll go over how to deal with them best:

  • Tame some animals: There are several types of animals that you can tame, including wolves, horses, cats, and parrots. To tame an animal, you'll need to approach it slowly and quietly, holding the appropriate type of food for them in your hand. Once you tame it, it will follow you around. You can command it using certain items, such as a lead or a saddle.

  • Feeding animals: After taming an animal, you'll need keep it well-fed so that it doesn't die. Each type of animal has different food requirements, but you can feed many of them using crops you can grow on your farm. For example, cows and sheep eat wheat, while horses and donkeys prefer apples or carrots.

  • Breeding animals: To create offspring with different colors or attributes, you have to breed animals. You need to have at least two of the same type of animal and give them the right food. After a short time, a baby animal will be born, which you can then tame and raise as your own.

  • Using animals in combat: You can use some types of animals in Minecraft o help you fight against monsters or other players. For example, you can train wolves to attack hostile mobs, and ride horses into battle. Some animals also have unique abilities useful in combat, such as cats that scare away creepers or parrots that mimic the sounds of nearby mobs.

Create a house

In Minecraft, building a house is crucial for survival. But creating a fantastic design that meets specific criteria is essential. Here are four key aspects to consider when creating a house in Minecraft:

  1. Your house should be easy to defend. Build a strong foundation, walls, and roof that can withstand attacks from monsters and other players

  1. Make sure your house is easy to build. Use materials that are available and easy to work with. Keep the design simple and avoid complex shapes.

  1. Your house should be easy to live in. Add windows, create separate rooms for different activities, and add decorations or furniture to make the space feel homey.

  1. Ensure that your house is easy to find and make friends with. Build near other players or create a sign that can be easily spotted from a distance. Create a space outside your house where other players can gather and trade resources.

Stay safe while fighting monsters and other players

To survive, you need to find a balance between fighting monsters and other players. 

The safest way to fight monsters is with a bow and arrow, but if you want more protection against other players (or just want to look cool), try using swords.  Armors will protect your health bar from taking damage, so wearing armor is essential for living long enough in the wilderness.

When fighting monsters or other players, potions are an excellent way to heal yourself without having to spend time walking back home or crafting new items from scratch. 

You've made it! 

You reached the end of this Minecraft Guide to Survival. Now you know a few tips on how to survive in Minecraft, which is sure to come in handy when you're faced with real-world challenges.

While we can't guarantee that life is always as exciting or dangerous as surviving against monsters and other players, we do hope that this guide has helped you understand this amazing world.

So if you're new to the game or just looking to improve your survival skills, take advantage of these resources and become a master in Minecraft. Remember that, with a bit of practice, anyone can learn how to thrive and survive in the game's wilderness.

PS: For those who want an even more detailed guide to survival, Minecraft: The Survivors’ Book of Secrets by Majong is a great resource. This fully illustrated guide covers everything from basic survival skills to advanced techniques like Redstone engineering and building medieval fortresses with the Minecraft Exploded Builds Medieval Fortress guide.

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