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Super Mario Bros. Movie: an adventure awaits!

Super Mario Bros is a beloved video game franchise that has entertained gamers for over three decades. 

The franchise has spawned numerous games, merchandise, and even an animated TV series. Now, a new adventure awaits as the Super Mario Bros. franchise is to return to the big screen with a new movie. 

The upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie will be a significant event in video game adaptations, and fans are anticipating what's to come.


Super Mario Bros. is a game franchise that has been around since the 1980s, entertaining gamers for over three decades. 

Fans have eagerly anticipated the film, one of the most highly anticipated video game adaptations ever. The franchise has spawned numerous games, merchandise, and even an animated TV series. With the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie, the franchise will return to the big screen.

Illumination Entertainment, the animation studio behind the Despicable Me and Minions franchises, produces The Super Mario Bros. movie.

Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic direct the film, the duo responsible for the hit animated TV series Teen Titans Go! Nintendo collaborates in producing the film, ensuring the characters and storyline remain faithful to the source material.


Although the Super Mario Bros. movie's plot details are scarce, Universal Pictures confirmed it will be a CGI-animated adventure exploring the world of the franchise.

The movie will include iconic characters such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser. Besides, the film is expected to introduce new characters that the Super Mario Bros. franchise has never seen before.

Trailers and Easter Eggs

The movie's first trailer was released in November 2022, followed by the final trailer in March 2023. The trailers revealed that Bowser is the movie's villain, and Princess Peach has a more active role in the storyline than in the original game. The film also features Luma, a character from the Super Mario Galaxy spinoff game.

Fans have already started to spot Easter eggs in the trailers, including familiar sound effects, video game locations, and even Mario donning a catsuit to become Cat Mario from Super Mario 3D World. With the franchise's history of Easter eggs, fans can expect to find more hidden gems in the movie.


The Super Mario Bros. movie will feature an all-star cast of voice actors.


  • Chris Pratt is the voice of Mario.
  • Charlie Day will voice the beloved Luigi
  • Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach
  • Jack Black as Bowser 
  •  Fred Armisen as Cranky Kong
  • Keegan-Michael Key as Toad 
  • Sebastian Maniscalco as Foreman Spike
  • Khary Payton as Penguin King
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Kamek
  • Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong.

Fans have reacted with mixed feelings to the casting of Chris Pratt as Mario. While some fans are excited to see Pratt take on the iconic role, others have expressed concern over his ability to voice the character; Chris Meledandri, the Illumination executive producer, has reassured fans, saying that Pratt has done a wonderful job

Additionally, some fans have expressed disappointment that Charles Martinet, the voice actor who has voiced Mario in video games for over 30 years, was not cast in the role of Luigi. He will, however, make cameo appearances throughout the film.

Fans have mostly reacted positively to the rest of the cast. Charlie Day's casting as Luigi has been particularly well-received, as has Anya Taylor-Joy's casting as Princess Peach. Fans are also excited to see Jack Black take on the role of Bowser, and fans have also met Keegan-Michael Key's casting as Toad with enthusiasm.

Release date

While the movie will release in theaters on April 5, 2023, fans outside the U.S. may have to wait a little longer to catch it. The film will premiere in other major territories like China, Mexico, France, and Italy on the same day. Still, other countries like Canada, Argentina, Germany, and the U.K. will have to wait one or two days. Interestingly, fans in Japan will have to wait until April 28 to catch the movie in 2D and 3D.

Other adaptations

Over the years, filmmakers and TV producers have adapted the popular video game franchise created by Nintendo into various movies and TV shows.

  • Super Mario Bros. Super Show! (1989)

This was a live-action/animated TV show featuring Mario and Luigi as they went on various adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. DiC Entertainment produced the show, which aired for 65 episodes.

  • The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990)

This was another animated TV show that followed Mario and Luigi as they tried to save Princess Toadstool from the evil King Koopa. The show aired for 26 episodes.

  • Super Mario World (1991): 

This animated TV show followed Mario and Luigi as they discovered Dinosaur Island and battled against King Koopa and his Koopa Kids. The show aired for 13 episodes.

  • Super Mario Bros. (1993)

This was a live-action movie adaptation of the Super Mario Bros. franchise. The movie starred Bob Hoskins as Mario and John Leguizamo as Luigi and followed the brothers as they tried to rescue Princess Daisy from the evil King Koopa. The film was a commercial and critical failure.

  • Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach! (1986): 

This Japanese animated film adaptation of Super Mario Bros. was released only in Japan. The movie follows Mario and Luigi as they try to rescue Princess Peach from the evil Bowser.

The Super Mario Bros. franchise has had a mixed history with adaptations. Critics and audiences alike widely panned the live-action movie, while the animated TV shows have been generally well-received.

A beloved franchise

The Super Mario Bros. franchise has been a beloved staple of the video game world for over three decades. It has spawned numerous games, merchandise, and even TV shows. Now it is set to return to the big screen with a new CGI-animated movie, and its release in April 2023 will surely be a major event. 

The Super Mario Bros. franchise has had a mixed history with adaptations, but the upcoming movie is poised to become a standout in video game adaptations.

Here at Gamestate, we're so incredibly excited about the Super Mario Bros. movie that we have marked our calendars so we can watch it as soon as it comes out! How about you? Are you a big Super Mario Bros. fan? Are you as excited as we are about the movie? Let us know down below!  

With so much hype surrounding the movie, it's sure to be one of the most significant events in video game adaptations. So get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure with Mario, Luigi, and the rest of the gang in the Super Mario Bros. movie.