Come to Gamestate and do it with style!

RULE 1: For groups of 5 people or more Gameste has the TIMEPLAY package.

RULE 2: Everyone gets their own Playcard with TIMEPLAY and can completely indulge at Gamestate.

RULE 3: With a TIMEPLAY card you cannot receive tickets or use grab cranes or coin pushers.

RULE 4: Rather you can play as many games as you want in the time period.

RULE 5: Reservations are not required, we have a walk-in.



    All Gamestate locations are child friendly, they will have the time of there lives! Also as a parent you will truly enjoy!


    Want to discover who of your team is the best Halo player, or is the best axe thrower? They will love it.


  • Air hockey arcade game play it at arcade Gamestate


    Enjoy 30 minutes playing for €9.95/player. Great for a date with friends.

  • NBA Hoops arcade game - play it at arcade Gamestate


    Enjoy 60 minutes playing for €17.95/player. Have the time to explore the main games.

  • Jurassic Park Arcade Game


    Enjoy 120 minutes playing for €29.95/player. Every player will also receive a free Gamestate goodie!


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Everyone is welcome! All visitors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

You only have to have a card for the people who will be playing. If you just want to stand around you are free to do so. You will be missing out on some fun though ;)

A reservation is not required unless, you would like to come with more than 40 people. You may contact us for this on info@gamestate.com

You can always contact us on info@gamestate.com

We will get back to you as soon as possible.