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The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: all we know

It has been some time since fans of the Legend of Zelda series have eagerly awaited a new installment, and now they don't have to wait much longer. 

The sequel to the widely popular The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is set to release on May 12th, 2023, titled The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Fans have been waiting for the new game since its announcement at E3 2019, and with the new gameplay trailers released by Nintendo, there is more excitement and anticipation about the game.

This article provides everything we know about the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

When is it coming out?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is releasing on May 12th, 2023, for the Nintendo Switch (exclusively), and we are already marking our calendars in excitement.

Will there be a physical special versions?

Yes! Nintendo has revealed the box art and a Collector's Edition is also available. The Collector's Edition will contain an art book, SteelBook, steel poster, and a set of four pins.

How much does it cost?

Nintendo has confirmed that the game will cost £59.99 / $69.99 / €69.99, whereas the Collector's Edition will be available for £109.99 / $129.99.

Will there be any new amiibo?

Nintendo has unveiled a brand new Tears of the Kingdom amiibo featuring Link and his arm in the shape of a dragon. 

Players can use all previous Zelda series amiibos, which will unlock materials and paraglider fabrics based on the game the amiibo is from.

Is it a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild?

Yes, it is a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild. The game will continue where the last game ended and feature the same protagonists, Link and Zelda.

Is Zelda dead?

The trailer reveals that Zelda is briefly shown lying on the ground, but it is unclear whether she is dead or not. She may have been injured, or the developers could be misleading fans with the trailer to get us riled up.

What we know based on Mr. Aonuma’s Gameplay Demonstration.

  • Building Vehicles

One of the most exciting new features in the game is the ability to build your own vehicles. 

The trailer shows Link riding a horse-drawn carriage and a motorcycle, and it is unclear if there are more vehicles that players can create. This addition to the game adds a new level of customization and gives players more freedom to traverse the world.

  • Weapon Fusion

Another new feature in the game is the ability to fuse weapons. The trailer shows Link combining two weapons to create a powerful new one. 

This feature will likely be helpful in boss battles and other combat situations. Weapon fusion adds a new level of depth to the game's combat system.

  • New Weapon - Bow and Arrow

The trailer also reveals that the game will feature a new bow and arrow weapon. 

This weapon was present in Breath of the Wild but was less prominent than other weapons, such as the sword and shield. The bow and arrow will likely be essential for navigating the game's new aerial landscape.

  • Story and Characters

The game's story is still shrouded in mystery, but the trailer hints at some new and exciting plot points. 

Zelda appears to be a central figure in the story, as she is shown falling from the sky and being captured by an unknown enemy. The trailer also shows a dead man who looks like Ganondorf. It is still being determined if he is a new character or has returned from the dead.

  • Title and Emotional Weight

The game's title, Tears of the Kingdom, suggests that there will be a focus on the story's emotional weight. The game's story will likely be as inspirational and impactful as Breath of the Wild's.

  • Playable Character - Zelda

One of the game's biggest mysteries is whether or not Zelda will be a playable character. 

Many fans have been hoping for the ability to play as Zelda since the first Breath of the Wild game. The trailer shows Zelda falling from the sky; it is unclear if this is a cutscene or a playable moment. Fans will have to wait until the game's release to find out if they can play as Zelda.

  • Expansive World and New Enemies

The game's world looks as expansive as Breath of the Wild's, with new floating islands and soaring mountains.

The trailer also shows off some new enemy designs, including a large dragon-like creature and a group of mysterious, hooded figures. These new enemies will likely offer unique challenges for players to overcome.

  • Return of the Sheikah Slate

One of the game's most exciting aspects is the Sheikah Slate's return. This item was a crucial tool in Breath of the Wild and will be just as important in Tears of the Kingdom. The trailer shows Link using the slate to activate a variety of mechanisms and solve puzzles.

  • Environmental Storytelling

Tears of the Kingdom also appears to be continuing Breath of the Wild's trend of environmental storytelling. 

The trailer shows off several ruined areas, such as a castle and a town. These areas likely hold clues to the game's story and the events that led to the game's current state.

An unforgettable adventure 

As the release date for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom draws nearer, fans are buzzing with excitement and anticipation. With the new gameplay trailers released by Nintendo, we have been given a glimpse into the great future of the beloved franchise. 

That’s why we say The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be another epic adventure. We cannot wait to explore the kingdom, uncover its secrets, and embark on another unforgettable journey with Link and Zelda.

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